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Are Your Accounts Receivable Savvy?

Cash flow management is key to any business’ success, and that includes medical practices!  If improperly managed, the flow might slow, and that’s not good for the bottom line.  All it takes is one small misstep to turn into a big problem. Let’s face it, it’s pretty...

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How to Go After Your Goals Strategically

You don’t just set a goal and then set it aside. It’s difficult to achieve that goal without a plan on how to get there! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Independent Networking Group can be that jump start you need to achieve your goals! Every practice is...

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Preventing Embezzlement from Your Medical Practice

Having been in the business of helping doctors effectively manage the business side of their practices for more than 20 years, Independent Networking Group (ING) knows that you want to trust your staff. You spend countless hours working with them, and perhaps you even...

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