Are Your Accounts Receivable Savvy?

by | Oct 6, 2017

Cash flow management is key to any business’ success, and that includes medical practices!  If improperly managed, the flow might slow, and that’s not good for the bottom line.  All it takes is one small misstep to turn into a big problem. Let’s face it, it’s pretty easy for that to happen when you’re busy trying to run a practice! Invoices can become past due and you may be forced to tap into your own cash reserves to keep things going. This then affects your ability to pay employees, manage operations, and more. Not only are you losing money, but profit potential as well!  Maybe you should take a step back and start over with a call to Independent Networking Group.

Independent Networking Group provides accounts receivable services to ensure everything (including your cash!) flows along smoothly.  From charges submitted to payments collected, we’ll stay on top of insurance claims, patient statements – you name it. Our goal is to help you maximize your revenue, and our knowledgeable staff is on it! We are dedicated to reducing outstanding accounts receivable and finding ways to help you save money so you can keep a steady flow of income for your practice’s success.

We do it all, so you don’t have to!  Outsourcing your billing by taking advantage of Independent Networking Group’s help not only takes the stress of maintaining your practice’s cash flow off your daily schedule, but also allows you to focus on what’s really important — your patients’ care.

Call and find out how our services could benefit you. Contact Sunny Ghast by dialing (260) 927-1266. We want to help you succeed!

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